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Milled peat stockpiling harvester M-60 EV

Jyrsinturpeen kokooja-aumausvaunu M-40V

Mechanical milled peat stockpiling harvester collects peat from the ridge.

The wagon is unloaded from the bottom and the wagon compacts the peat into stockpiles. Bottom unloading is a patented method. The loading conveyor is equipped with a flexible top and back part to prevent damage from tree stumps.

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 Jyrsinturpeen kokooja-aumausvaunu M-40V  

Technical data


Power requirement 90 kW
Power 150-250 m3/h
Loading conveyor width 1,300 mm, hydraulic drivetrain with two hydraulic motors. Revolution counter of the loading conveyor. Oil pressure gauge. Oil temperature gauge.
Loading capacity 3-5 minutes / 45m3
Power takeout 1,000 rpm
Front and back tyres 8 pcs, width 774 mm, height 1,850 mm
Front axle tractive, mechanical drivetrain
Peat load 45 m3
Tank capacity 48 m3
Tank width 4,000 mm
Tank length 3,600 mm
Total length 12,000 mm
Height 4,850 mm
Weight 9,000 kg


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