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Peat processing professional Raiselift Oy

Pure Finnish mechanical engineering

Located on the west coast of Finland, in the town of Karvia, Raiselift Oy was founded in 1991. The company produces mainly machinery and equipment for the peat industry, with some 20% of the products exported.

The most popular products are mechanical harvesters and production millers. We manufacture over 20 different products for the peat production industry and farming, these products include several patents of our own.

The reliability, comfort and safety of the products is guaranteed with detailed finishing as well as dedicated manufacturing and long-term constructive collaboration with the good customer network..

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Raiselift Oy - Raivalantie 524 - 39920 SUOMIJÄRVI - Finland - Tel +358 (0)45 154 9772, (0)400 126 332, (0)2 544 4141